About us

My name is Arno Dreschers. I have been in the hospitality business virtually half of my life. Growing up, my parents had a family operated restaurant with a 50 year tradition in Germany, in a small town near Aachen. In 1979, I married a Brazilian girl and moved to Sao Paulo. There I worked for many years as Expat in  german-brazilian companies. But, I always had a dream to someday own and operate a small Lodge of our own, right on the palm fringed beach in Bahia, Brazil, my wife’s home state. I imagined a life of sun and sea and moonlit nights full of stars in a lush paradise with a perfect climate. This dream was finally realized when we built Jambo.

Simply Iolanda

My name is Iolanda. I am the girl that married this German guy, Arno, and brought him home to my Brazil. I was born in the state of Bahia, so the sea and the sun are in my very nature. I love to work to make Jambo a paradise. I also love to paint and to hunt for the finest local arts and crafts for our décor. Sometimes I just like to do nothing at all but sit and watch the ocean. And sometimes I like to sip a caipirinha and to tell stories, to remember the past and dream of the future. This is a wonderful place.

Why the name Jambo

Jambo is a fruit with delicious scent,

Jambo is a fruit , sometimes roseat and sometimes jambo,

Jambo is the colour morena in Bahia,

Jambo is sometimes the colour of the rising sun,

Jambo is sometimes the colour of the setting sun,

Jambo is a greating,

Jambo, sun and fresh water is sometimes all I want,

Jambo is our lodge on  Praia da Espera Beach,

Jambo is the colour of happiness.

Iolanda D. Dreschers