Who we are

My parents had a restaurant with over 50 years of tradition in a small town in Germany called Palenberg, near Aachen. When I fell in love with a Bahian and moved from Germany to Sao Paulo, working in industry, I began to idealize my hostel in Bahia, sunny, with palm trees, with the sea, with moonlit nights and countless stars.

Simply Iolanda

I'm just Iolanda, that Bahia by whom the Arno fell in love. 
I'm just Iolanda and sun I like, I like the sea, like painting, like working, I like to do anything, like caipirinha, I like to tell stories, like to like, like love, like to dream about the past .. . 
As a gift... 
The future ... 
I like this place of charm ...

Because Jambo name?

Jambo is delicate scent of fruit
Jambo is fruit sometimes pink sometimes jambo
Jambo is the dark color of Bahia
Jambo is sometimes the sun color spring
Jambo is sometimes the sun color setting
Jambo's desire to welcome
Jambo, sun and fresh water is sometimes all I wanted
Jambo is our lodge in Espera Beach
Jambo is the color of happiness

Iolanda D. Dreschers